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My AALIYAH Contact Page...

Ashlee N.B.S.A. Ware, CREATOR

I created this site to agree with my feelings for the true Princess of R&B and Hip-Hop...AALIYAH.

***For an ANGEL....who now has her wings!!!***

Aaliyah Dana Haughton

***You will be truly missed***

You can also view my other 00server site:
Tara High School 2002-2003 Seniors

Who Is Aaliyah?

For just a moment you shone
brightly, beautifully, beatifically,
and you must have prayed
that your star be forever high
in the firmament
'cause you were lifted to the skies,
the venue of your deification,
and instead of coming back down to earth,
you kept rising higher, higher
so that your name has become
the prophecy it always was:
"Exalted One".

Rest in Peace

Any questions and/or comments? Email Me Here...

Copyright 2002 --- RIP Aaliyah --- Love, Ashlee***